Core Values


At The Dutch Group, how we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself.  Fundamental to the success of our organization are these core values:

  • Honesty – All our relationships and actions will be based on truth and honesty.
  • Service – We will seek to be defined by the service we provide our customers, our shareholders, our communities, and each other.
  • Vision – The job of everyone in our organization is to anticipate the future by reading the present, to be creative and proactive, and to experiment and take risks in pursuit of our mission and long-term success.
  • Trust – Trust holds all relationships together.  It is built on respect for others, kept promises, demonstrated competence, and consistently doing the right thing.  Trust is demonstrated by giving our employees clear expectations, then trusting them to do their jobs.  Trust cannot be bought or commanded and is won only slowly, but it can be lost in the twinkling of an eye.
  • Quality – Whether in service or in products, we are committed to excellence.
  • Team Concept – We will strive to work together as a team.  We are each family members contributing our part to the success of the team.  Families unite behind a vision of the future.  Families care for and support each other.  Families hope and work together.  Families celebrate successes together.  Families hold each other accountable but never blame each other.
  • Joy – Life can be hard with many issues and problems, and since most of us have to work, we will strive to enjoy our work, even through the storms of life.  Sometimes we may not be happy, but we can seek to find deep inner joy and peace, that leads to enjoyment in our work.  So when you smile you make others smile, and as we encourage one another, the joy is recognized.
  • Respect – We will strive to respect each other and our customers.  Respect is earned by practicing the Golden Rule of treating others the way you want to be treated.  Respect is earned by your fellow worker, and not necessarily gained by title, position, tenure, or accomplishment.  Respect is gained and received when you give more respect to others than you get yourself.
  • Potential – We want to be a place of realized potential for our employees and, through them, for our customers and shareholders as well.  A place of realized potential offers challenging work, thrives on innovation, builds associates through learning, trusting, and caring, and relentlessly pursues excellence.