Our Logo


At The Dutch Group, our logo is an important part of our corporate identity.  The family of nine pillars represents The Dutch Group’s supportive role, as well as our core values.  Each of the nine pillars represents a distinct value with which we identify:

  • The three pillars on the left represent Honesty, Trust, and Joy.  These core values are the very heart of our mission.  We believe that all customers, employees, and business partners deserve to experience these values upon every interaction with The Dutch Group.
  • The three pillars in the center represent Service, Quality, and Respect.  These core values reflect a focus on our customers.  We believe that every customer deserves, at minimum, a high level of customer service, a quality product, and a high degree of respect and dignity.
  • The last three pillars on the right represent Vision, Team, and Potential.  These core values are our formula for organizational success.  We strive to build a close family atmosphere, where each of our team members is positioned to contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Every element of The Dutch Group’s logo – including font, typeface color, background color, and graphic elements – is specific and collectively propietary.  As such, The Dutch Group’s logo (and all affiliate logos) should never be changed or altered.  Elements should not be stacked or overlapped and sufficient clear space should be established to ensure legibility.  To obtain an electronic copy of The Dutch Group’s logo (or any affiliate logos), please fill out the “Contact Us” box on the right side of this page.  In your request, please clarify your intended use of the logo(s).