Dutch Brand Assets

The Dutch Group’s brands are valuable assets, requiring proper care and management. ¬†Consistency and accuracy in the way the brands are expressed and reproduced will build brand strength and increase brand awareness over time.

To download a complete copy of The Dutch Group’s Brand Standards Guide, Brand Usage Policy, or to download approved artwork files, please click on the links below:

Brand Standards Guide

The Dutch Group Brand Usage Policy (Coming Soon)

Approved Artwork Files

If you have any questions regarding the correct usage of any of the The Dutch Group’s brands, or if you would like to request copies of approved artwork files, please contact:

The Dutch Group

P.O. Box 2323

Columbus, MS 39704

phone: 662-327-5202

email: brand@thedutchgroup.net


All employees using brandmarks and/or symbols should be familiar with the guidelines contained in the Brand Standards Guide and the usage policy available at the links above.

Use of any of The Dutch Group’s (or its affiliates’) brandmarks and/or symbols constitutes acknowledgement of and agreement to comply with the policies and standards outlined in these documents.